Our miniseries hosted by our co-founder goes in depth on college application process.

What's in the App?

Applying to college can be complicated. Between the different types of application forms, various deadlines, and "optional" essays, it can be tough to know when, how, and where to submit applications. In this episode, Dan and David break down a college application into three major components: forms your high school submits, forms you submit via the application portal, and scores that testing agencies submit directly to each institution. The duo also reviews two common application types: the Common App and the Coalition App.
19 Minutes

Fifty Shades of Deadlines

Between Early Action, Early Decision, Early Decisio, spotify_url: , apple_url: n 2, Rolling, Merit Scholarship, and "Regular" admissions deadlines, it can be tough to know when you're actually supposed to apply to a school. In this episode, Dan and David define the different types of admissions deadlines and offer guidance on how to decide which submission window is best for you.
21 Minutes

Let's Get Personal

Referencing Olivia Newton John's hit single "Let's Get Physical," Dan and David discuss all things college essay-related, including how to draft your essays, choosing a topic to write about, and taking the extra time to answer those "optional" prompts.
18 Minutes

Tell Me About Yourself

Dan and David cover the extracurricular activities or "résumé" section of a college application. The duo suggests ways to get involved both on and off campus, advises which activities to include and which shouldn't make the cut, and perhaps most importantly, tells you how to structure your résumé.
20 Minutes

Tests and Courses, Oh My!

When college counselors talk about your "academic résumé," they're referring to much more than your standardized test scores. In this episode, Dan and David discuss the academic traits that colleges are looking for in their applicants, including the activities that counselors commonly call "hooks" or "spikes."
20 Minutes

Revolution: The Whole Application Cycle, From Beginning to End

In this episode, Dan and David take a step back to look at the entire college application process, from start to finish. The hosts offer advice on all things applying to college: choosing which schools you should apply to, when you should submit applications, and everything that happens after you click "Submit."
22 Minutes