University Counseling can be Easy

What do I get?

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    Track university and summer school application progress
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    Receive recommendations about universities, summer programs and supplemental courses
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    Review résumés from accepted students
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    Receive monthly feedback on your students' résumés
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    Access to two real ACT practice tests for each student 
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    Determine which universities would be right for your students based on test scores and their profile
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    Research U.S. summer school options and apply to multiple programs easily 
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    Access to career interest, psychometric, and personality assessments for each student
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    Easily manage all standardizing test dates and applications deadlines for your students
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    Automatically send parents weekly progress reports
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    Access career interest, psychometric, and personality assessments for each student

Want More from Occam?

Private Admissions Consulting

We have spent 10+ years working in competitive admissions (yes, that means Ivy League schools). We will help you build strong academic and extracurricular résumés.

Standardized and Psychological Assessments 

We have a large database of real practice tests for all of the standardized tests (SAT, etc.). Students can, also, take a variety of psychometric, career interest, and performance assessments.

Personalized Curricula and Expert Teaching

Our instructors tutor the ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, and the SAT Subject Tests as well as the supplemental and university courses to improve your academic résumé.

Document Support

From student visas to certification of finances, we file and complete all  required admissions documents for summer and university programs .

Interview Coaching

Be prepared for each boarding school, career, and university interview with our coaches.

Essays and Applications

Our expert consultants help you create compelling admissions essays and university and summer program applications.

Full access to our education platform

Where you’ll find lesson reports and full length practice tests

Weekly reports from the Occam Team

With graphs that track your student’s progress

Schedule meetings

At your convenience and from the comfort of your living room

Rigorous one-on-one ACT tutoring

With industry-leading experts

One-stop shopping

We'll make sure your student is registered for the test

Personalized feedback

In a supportive and rigorous environment

Student Testimonials

Message from the Founders

Pat Brown

Dan Brown

We founded Occam Education in 2008 when we were both attending grad school at Georgetown. We had both become classroom teachers immediately after graduating from college, and then Dan became an elite test prep tutor in New York and Moscow. Over the next decade, we built our business overseas, with clients in Geneva, London, Moscow and many places in between.

We named Occam Education for Occam’s Razor, the idea that the simplest explanation is usually right. We have always strived to make things simple, so in a few words: we promise results if your child works hard. We are very good at what we do, and we care about our students. A lot.

Give us a call or fill out the contact form below, and let’s chat about what we can do for your school.

  – Dan and Pat

Some Student Results from 2019


Will attend UC, Berkeley


Will Attend Columbia University


Will Attend Columbia University

Some Student Results from 2018


Attending NYU


Attending Brown University


Attending NYU

Make Your Admissions Strategy Thorough and Simple

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