The end of school is nearing, and with it, the last exam sittings for the academic year. May and June are excellent times for incoming juniors to take their first ACT or SAT exams. For this reason, the June sitting is the second most popular date next to September/October. As students’ lists of obligations are becoming shorter with classes ending, the June test dates are ideal for a first sitting, particularly for those who get stressed over exams. Once a student has taken the exam once, any subsequent exams will be much less stressful. In any case, taking the first exam before a student’s junior year or at the start is better than putting it off until their senior year, when college applications and advanced classes will need to take priority.

If it is not possible for them to sit for the June exams, the September/October exams are listed as well to allow for ample preparation time.

Upcoming ACT / SAT dates:

  • June 3 SAT international/US registration deadline: May 9
  • US late registration deadline: May 24 (late fee required, not available for international locations)
    • Oct 7 SAT deadline: Sept 8
  • June 10 ACT international registration deadline: May 5
  • US late registration period: May 5-18 (late fee required, not available for international locations)
    • July 13 ACT deadline (US national locations only): June 15
    • Sept 9 ACT deadline: Aug 4

AP exams:

Advanced Placement (AP) tests this semester will be spread over 2 weeks from May 1 to 12. Over 20 subjects are available. Specific times and dates can be found at the CollegeBoard’s website. AP exams are also open to International Baccalaureate (IB) students. If an IB student is interested in taking an exam related to their course material, they should talk with their instructor first. For more information about setting up a time, contact Daniel Brown   or David George.