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Our GMAT Practice Test is as close the real GMAT as you can get.

The Occam Team has worked with hundreds of students for more than 10 years to help prepare them for the next steps in their academic careers.

Our GMAT practice tests are as close to the real thing as possible

From the length and format of the questions to the scoring methods.

Instantaneous feedback

Results are calculated the instant you are finished with the exam and can be reviewed.

Exclusive feature

Our exams are computer adaptive tests (CAT) just like the real GMAT.
*Plus, works with PC and Mac.

Score report*

Your report features question by question results and answer explanations.
*Quantitative, and Verbal Scores included in score report

Practice makes perfect

Tests accessible 24/7 and you can take as many exams as you like.


Full access to our education platform

Where you’ll find lesson reports and full length practice tests


Weekly reports from the Occam Team

With graphs that track your student’s progress


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Free GMAT Starter Kit Secret ingredients of GMAT Domination

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After your purchase is processed, you will receive an email with an access code and a link to our online GMAT site.



The exam will be completed through your internet browser.



At the end, you will receive your scores and question-by-question results.


Free Admissions Consultation

We'll then discuss your results, your goals and what you will need to do to go from your practice test to being admitted.

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BS, University of Notre Dame. MS, Georgetown University. MBA, Columbia University. 9+ years in teaching and education consulting.


BA, University of Notre Dame. MSc in Applied Positive Psychology from University of East London. 10+ years in ESL, test preparation and admissions consulting. Specializes in helping student’s achieve peak performance.


BA, Wheaton College. MA, Princeton University. PhD, University of Notre Dame. 5+ years as a university professor. 4+ years in ESL, test preparation and admissions consulting.


BS, Boston College. MS, University of New Haven. 11+ years in teaching and test preparation.


BA, Brown University. 4+ years in test preparation. Teaches advanced calculus, statistics and economics for fun.

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