US College Application Programs: The Common Application

The process of applying to American universities is fairly streamlined. Many university applications are similar, which makes life much easier for families and for students. The process, however, still can be a lot to manage, which is why Occam Education created VitaeMe (download here for iOS and Android), the app that will keep you organized and on track during the college application process. The first article in this blog series will discuss one of the  three of the most common applications used by colleges and universities in the US:

The Common Application. 

This application, which is used by nearly 700 schools, is the largest application of its kind. Prestigious institutions like Johns Hopkins and NYU use this application, as well as some smaller, private institutions like Pepperdine University in California. This one is fairly predictable, even though not all schools will require the same things. For instance, some schools require the student to answer some questions about themselves, while others do not.

What To Expect on The Common App

The main section is a basic application that all schools the student applies to through the portal will see, and it includes the following sections: