Everything you need to study at the best universities

We help you prepare for and enroll in an excellent university


  • An American consultant conducts an interview with you online, and then we administer diagnostic exams to determine your academic levels.
  • We help you choose degree programs and universities to meet your career goals, even if those are unclear, and then we create a step-by-step extracurricular and academic plan.
  • We recommend services to ensure you meet your goals, and we manage a detailed timeline with intermediate milestones and evaluations to ensure you meet your long-term goals.
Test Preparation

Test Preparation

  • We prepare you for each exam you could take to improve your academic profile for the universities and degree programs you choose.
  • Our American teachers prepare you with individual, private lessons online, using our private technology platform.
  • Online lessons are not only more convenient – they are simply better. The technology we use makes lessons interactive and hands-on.

University Applications

  • We work with your recommenders and high school to ensure you have excellent letters of recommendation, a professional high school profile, and the appropriate transcripts.
  • We work with you to assemble creative and academic portfolios, write original and compelling personal essays and present your résumé in a professional fashion.
  • We manage deadlines and ensure your test scores, summer school transcripts and financial forms are submitted.
University Applications

Our Students Speak

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Our Team

A team of educational professionals, from various walks of life.

Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown


BS, University of Notre Dame.

MS, Georgetown University.

MBA, Columbia University.

9+ years in teaching and education consulting.

Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown


BA, University of Notre Dame.

MSc, University of East London.

10+ years in ESL, test preparation and admissions consulting.

Noell Egeland
Noell Egeland

Head of Curriculum

BS, Boston College.

MS, University of New Haven.

10+ years as an elite high school teacher.

10+ years in science instruction.

David George
David George

Dean of Tutoring

BA, Wheaton College.

MA, Princeton University.

PhD, University of Notre Dame.

5+ years as a university professor.

4+ years in ESL, test preparation and admissions consulting.