Introduction to US Education

Tips for academic success

6 Tips For Academic Success

As you start applying to colleges, you may have a hard time managing your time. Here are some tips to combat common organizational problems.

Summer Internship

How to find the perfect summer internship

No experience in marine biology? No problem! Summer internships are an excellent way to try out a possible vocation and pad your resume.

Discovery Learning

What is Discovery Learning?

"Discovery learning" is a new approach to education that motivates students to explore new ideas through problem-solving and simulation.

American college

How do I go to an American college?

Navigating the American university system can be overwhelming. Following these steps will help you as you begin this journey!

Liberal arts college

A Guide to Liberal Arts Colleges in the US

Small student populations and quality faculty characterize liberal arts colleges. Learn more about the benefits of such close-knit communities.

Getting a student visa

The US Student Visa: A Brief Glossary

Occam Education helps families understand the arduous process of getting a US visa. Here, we break down the four major types of US visas.