Admissions Strategy

Tips for academic success

6 Tips For Academic Success

As you start applying to colleges, you may have a hard time managing your time. Here are some tips to combat common organizational problems.

Summer Internship

How to find the perfect summer internship

No experience in marine biology? No problem! Summer internships are an excellent way to try out a possible vocation and pad your resume.

American college

How do I go to an American college?

Navigating the American university system can be overwhelming. Following these steps will help you as you begin this journey!

How to prepare for the SAT Subject Tests

How to Prepare for the SAT Subject Tests

Do colleges require SAT Subject Tests? What about programs within colleges? Here, we discuss Subject Tests and how best to prepare for them.

Avoiding Cliches

Avoiding cliches in your personal statement

Your personal statement may be your only chance to introduce yourself to admissions officers – so you'll need to leave a lasting impression.

UCAS schools

A quick guide to the UCAS application

The UCAS is the application portal for nearly all universities in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Read more about it here!

Writing a letter of recommendation

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

Writing a great letter of recommendation requires thought, patience, and input from your student. Learn more about this important skill!

Sending in an early application

A Quick Guide to Early Applications

The most common procedures for early applications are called Early Action and Early Decision. Knowing the difference between the two is key!


ACT vs SAT: Which exam is right for you?

American universities require that students take the SAT or ACT. However, only one of them is required. Which test is best for you?

University Admissions

University Admissions Consulting with Occam

Occam Education does more than test preparation. Learn more about how we help students with their university goals during their senior year!

Liberal arts college

What is a “Liberal Arts College”?

What's the difference between “university” and “college”? We'll help you understand the common terms used in secondary and higher education.

Advanced Placement test

What is an Advanced Placement (AP) course?

Taking an AP course shows that a student wants to challenge herself, and many universities give credit to those who score well on AP exams.

Admissions interview

Ten Tips for Your Admissions Interview

There's no need to be nervous when you get called for admissions interviews – but make sure you go into them prepared!

Liberal arts college

A Guide to Liberal Arts Colleges in the US

Small student populations and quality faculty characterize liberal arts colleges. Learn more about the benefits of such close-knit communities.

Practice interview questions

6 Admissions Interview Practice Questions

Interviews for American universities tend to get personal. Opening up about yourself is a critical part of the admissions process!

Getting accepted to MIT

What type of student gets accepted to MIT?

MIT is one of the most exclusive universities in the world. So what did the average MIT student do in high school to gain admission?