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Our Story

In 2009, Patrick and Daniel Brown founded Occam Education to help students navigate the U.S. university admissions process. For the past thirteen years, they have advised high schoolers on how to find and apply to university programs according to their unique interests and career goals.

To make university advising more widely accessible, we launched a free app, VitaeMe, now named Wend, in March of 2021. At its outset, VitaeMe was primarily focused on offering free SAT and ACT practice questions to users. Now, Wend provides students with a host of university-readiness tools, including a chat function, essay-writing help, test prep questions with explanatory answers, university search tools, deadline tracking tools, and a résumé builder.

Meet the team


Daniel graduated from University of Notre Dame with B.A. in Russian and Arabic, attended Georgetown University for Arabic studies, holds an M.A in Psychology from the University of East London, completed web development program from the acclaimed Dev Bootcamp, and is nearing completion of his M.S. in Analytics from the University of Georgia Tech, where he was also a teaching assistant in Linear Regression Analysis.


Patrick graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in history, earned his M.S. in Physiology from Georgetown University, graduated from Columbia University with an MBA, and has particularly enjoyed serving as an advisor to Notre Dame's Student International Business Council for the last five years, during which he's directed a number of students as they learn to fundamentally analyze emerging markets.